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What is GirlScript Summer of Code? GSSoC is only for Girls?

About GirlScript Summer of Code⚡⚡

What is GirlScript Summer Of Code?

  • GirlScript Summer Of Code(GSSoC) is an Open Source Program conducted by GirlScript Foundation.
  • It is 3 month long program aimed to encourage Open Source Contributions to different Projects registered for the program.


Can I participate?

  • First and most important misconception, GSSoC is not a girls only program anyone wishing to contribute to Open Source can participate.
  • Even if you think are not that much skilled you can take participate, their are many beginner friendly issues for you to work upon.

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. -Richard Branson

How to apply?

  • Applications are out for participants in February(with respect to GSSoC 2021).

  • You can apply as participant from the official website of GSSoC .

  • Also the mentors and projects are registered through same.

  • After getting selected as participant you will be having some beginner guide sessions on starting with git and github, how to do your first PR(Pull Request).

Previously it was like

  • 1 month period => To get known to different projects in GSSoC, try to contribute.

  • Next 2 months => According to your 1 month contributions one specific project is allotted to you, and now you have to contribute to that project.

Year 2021

  • 3 months* => Contribute to any project you want.

  • End of May(31st May) => Contribution period ends.

  • First to Second week of June => Results are declared.


Top 3 Performers => Cash Prizes

Top 25 Performers => Letter of Recommendations and Internship Opportunities

Top 50 Performers => T-shirt, Swags, etc.

All Participants with at least one PR merged => Digital Certificates

My Experience

👋 Hello!!!

Open Source means endless learning and boosting your productivity.

And I think GSSoC is the best place to start your open source journey.

After getting started with as a Participant I was also a beginner with the knowledge of basic Web Development. I attended the beginner sessions and then was searching for issues in different project. There were almost 100+ projects for GSSoC'21. I started looking at their tech stack and was finding one which matches my tech stack. My first PR was to project MakeMathsEasy, well maintained project by Project Admin Rajinderpal Singh and Mentor Shrey Tripathi.

I learnt a lot from this program and it helped to improve my skills. I got the opportunity to learn from the fellow participants and also helped to build my professional network.

As a beginner you may face several problems. But start with finding a beginner friendly issue and work upon it. Once your PR gets merged that happiness is uncountable.

I hope this will help to kick start your open source journey!!

All the best!! 🔥 🔥

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